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About our magazine

20 years of tradition

In June 1994, the first issue of the monthly magazine of Railway Transportation Technology was released. From the very beginning formula of the forum for manufacturers, designers and exploiters was combined with the idea of ​​recognition in one journal all modes of transport from railway to rail municipal transport. This formula and the content underwent evolution over time from a magazine about the fundamental technological issues to a wide range of professional information in various fields.

Railway Transportation Technology is a monthly magazine aimed at professionals in the industry. Experienced of authors, reviewing articles and co-operation with foreign magazines enables readers to provide competent information useful in their daily work.


Our readers are mainly engineering, technical and management staff in enterprises engaged in urban and rail transport. The monthly also enjoys a readership among businesses manufacturers and service providers for rail, university staff, project offices and R & D centers. A considerable group of readers are also the students and pupils. From year to year expands the list of subscribers from units of local government and state responsible for the organization of public transport.


On the monthly magazine has already published over 1,600 articles. The number of our authors is more than 300 prominent experts in the field of rail transport. The monthly is a magazine included on the list of recognized level drawn up by the Ministry of Science. In cooperation with foreign magazines and scientific centers we also publish the most interesting articles by foreign authors. Also articles from our magazines are translated and published in foreign journals.


Monthly Railway Transportation Technology from the outset proved to be a good place for publicity. Among more than 130 companies on the list of advertisers are the major manufacturers in the world. Beside them we also publish on our pages adverts of small domestic companies, and for many of them Railway Transportation Technology has become the first step in entering the market with their products.

Cooperation and Sponsorships

Railway Transportation Technology is from the very beginning a media sponsor of country's largest trade fair TRAKO International Railway Fair in Gdansk. We also cooperate in organizing conferences and seminars. Since 2003 Editors stepped up cooperation with the Association of Engineers and Technicians, which included monthly patronage.

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