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General rules for the preparation of articles for publication

Dear Authors

For the efficient preparation of numbers and to achieve their high quality is required to send us articles meet the following criteria.

1. Articles should be submitted for publication in electronic form on a CD, DVD, or e-mail. The text in red can be applied to any attention to the composition of the text (location and size of the illustration etc.).

2. The text should be prepared in Microsoft Word format or another compatible with it. Do not format text - it will be formatted according to the rules adopted for the composition. Methods for distinction in the text should be kept to a minimum: italic - the quotes and phrases in foreign languages, bold - to underscore your own phrases.

3. Figures and graphs should be adapted to the format of the publication in which they are to be found and should be in a separate graphic files (cdr, ai, pdf, etc.), it allows the desired print quality. The text should contain marks of their location.

4. Photographs and illustrations in the form of a bitmap (no bar) should be submitted as separate files in the little compressed jpg, tif, psd, pdf. Own digital photographs should be submitted as a jpg straight from the camera at full resolution, the text should contain marks of their location. The minimum resolution required to preserve the print quality of the materials should be 300 dpi.

5. Tables should be done in Word or compatible and can be included in the text. Large tables should appear in separate files. Excel tables to be provided in separate files -  the text should contain marks of their location.

6. Figures, tables and literature should be numbered. Chapters should be numbered to 2nd row.

7. Literature and the minimum necessary footnotes should be given at the end of the article by posting a list of references in alphabetical order in the text and select [No items]. References should include only the items cited in the publication.


[1] Jaworski M.: Język polski. Gramatyka i ortografia. Podręcznik dla klasy V szkoły podstawowej, WSiP, Warszawa, 1997. [if it is a compact publication (book)]

[2] Kołodziej A.: Poziom samoakceptacji a spostrzeganie postaw rodziciel­skich. Psychologia Wychowawcza 2/1994, s. 19-32. [If it is an article in the journal]

[3] Wrześniewski K.: Psychologiczne uwarunkowania powstawania i rozwo­ju chorób somatycznych (rozdz. 57), [w:] Strelau J. (red.), Psychologia, t. 3, Gdańskie Wydawnictwo Psychologiczne, Gdańsk, 2000. [if it is published in a collective work]

Note in this way to the bibliographic record is recommended, but the author can use another way, while maintaining the accuracy and consistency of the record.

8. At the end of the article should include the information about the author (authors):


institution, workplace,

and non-compulsory additional information such as:

e-mail address,

brief biography (up to 500 characters).

9. The article should be sent to:

a brief summary in Polish (up to 600 characters)

title of the publication in English,

summary in English.

10. If the author used in the article content (images, etc.), which are covered by copyright, other than his own is required to obtain the consent of their authors in their publications. Consent must be certified by the author's written statement. Do not require consent to the publication of materials intended for public use, eg. Photos of manufacturers, materials etc directory. The author is obliged only to provide their source.


Because of the pages of a magazine layout - many columns of text, and the need for cross-correlation of graphic material and fit the width of the columns, pictures can only approximately be in the place of their position in the text of the Word.

Illustrations from the internet (apart from the issue of copyright) are many times (more than 4 times linearly and 16! Times the surface) lower resolution than required in the printing industry, are also very distorted by compressing multiple jpg, therefore not suitable for use as illustrations of the articles printed Offset.

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