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Polish Railways in 2005
Autor: Marek Rabsztyn
stron: 6. Analysis of economical situation in Polish Railway Market in 2005. Also included comparison wit other countries and market development in the last years. Analysis covered freight an passenger services and also present state and the new investements in the railway infrastructure.
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Wrocław/Poznań - Łódź - Warszawa High Speed Line Project
Autor: Andrzej Massel
stron: 6. Description of the project new high speed line which will connetc Warsaw, Lodz, Wroclaw and Poznan. With the existing CMK line upgraded in the future to the no less than 250 km/h new HS line will create modern HS network in Poland.
Pobierz (.PDF 3.61 MB)

Support for the Development of Transport Infrastructure in Poland from European Union Funds
Autor: Tadeusz Dyr
stron: 8. Analysis of absorption the EU funds for development raiwlay infrastructure in Poland. Description the projects led in 2004-2006 and also general projects for budget perspective in 2007-2013.
Pobierz (.PDF 3.66 MB)

Modern dc circuit breakers
Autor: Marek Bartosik, Ryszard Lasota, Franciszek Wójcik
stron: 8. The increasing requirements stated for modern direct-current circuit-breakers (DCCB) applied in the low and medium voltage range are described in this paper. Possibilities that classic magnetic blow-out circuit-breakers (MBCB) might meet the above requirements are analysed. The most important theoretical principles and the practical realization of new types of ultra-high-speed DC circuit-breakers (UHS DCCB) are presented. The operational performance of UHS DCCBs is compared with that of classical circuit-breakers. There are omitted the problems connected with high voltage direct current (HVDC) applied either for high power transmission on long distances, or in the interconnection lines of AC systems.
Pobierz (.PDF 1.67 MB)

Modernisation of ST44 locomotive - principles and practical issues
Autor: Andrzej Smolana, Władysław Dyląg
stron: 4. Description of modernisation the 2 diesel electric locomotives class ST44. Locomotives were modernised in 2005 year. Main points of modernisation were diesel engine, generator and cotrol system. Locomotives are used by PKP LHS Sp. o.o. for hauling heavy freight trains from east border to Silesia on 1520 tracks of 400 km line built in 80 years.
Pobierz (.PDF 3.59 MB)

Tramways in Polish cities
Autor: Jan Raczyński
stron: 2. Poland is the second country in the European Union in terms of the length of its tram network. Poland now has 14 tram systems operating in 27 cities. The length of the tram network is over 900 km, with 3660 trams operating on it. In articles was presented the description the existing tramways system and laso set-up the general data about the newest trams.
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